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RTM Sports:Lil Wayne did date Bosh's Wife? Bosh's wife responds! 4 armed Man outside Metta Peace crib???

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Damn really?!  Well here’s some info. that I never knew.  Maybe Lil Wayne really did smash Chris Bosh’s wife?!  Even if he did, that was before Bosh – it’s still childish.  I get Tunechi’s mad at the Heat, but damn this was a low blow!  Apparently, Adrienne dated Lil Wayne before she got married to Bosh!  Details after the jump…


According to GlobalGrind:

Global Grind’s entertainment editor BlogXilla has learned from a very reliable source that Lil Wayne and Adrienne Bosh were an item before she got married to the NBA baller.

According to reports, Mrs. Bosh, then Adrienne “short stack” Williams, was a regular in the industry night life and she worked up quite a rep for herself. They say she was a fixture in the VIP sections at a lot of popular Atlanta nightclubs back in the day. Wayne messed with the Cincinnati, Ohio native back when she was still modeling for magazines like Smooth Magazine, but things turned sour when she allegedly scammed Lil Wayne out of a lot of money.

According to our source, Adrienne told Lil Wayne she was sick with cancer and needed money for treatment. When Weezy gave her the cash, she vanished. Word got back to Lil Wayne that she hustled him, but he wrote it off and charged it to the game.

It’s also believed that Chris Bosh knew about her modeling and night life past before he married her. She seemed to have changed her ways, so who are we to judge.


Here’s a short recap: Lil Wayne announced he got banned from Heat game and went on a Heat rant Sunday night at an All-Star after party.  He told the crowd, “Fuck NBA! Fuck LeBron! Fuck SheWade! Fuck Chris Bosh! And I fucked Chris Bosh’s wife!”  *you can watch the video here*

Well yesterday Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne responded via Twitter.  She actually did it without saying a word.  She did it by retweeting a series of tweets by people including one by Dwyane Wade’s wifey Gabrielle Union.  Adrienne also posted a nice pic with “Karma” on it.
Check out all the tweets after the jump and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the drama!

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Power 105 "donkey of the day'



Well this isn’t a nice way to wake up on a Tuesday morning…or any morning! Metta World Peace was awakened early this morning when police responded to a report of 4 armed men in the basketball star’s condo complex. Details after the jump…


According to TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us LAPD got a call around midnight about 4 guys — 3 with handguns and one with a shotgun — lurking around the LA Laker’s westside home.

We’re told officers called out the suspects over a loudspeaker, and 2 men — Metta’s brother and cousin — heard the commotion and came out to talk to cops.

Only problem is … we’re told they didn’t have any ID, so police handcuffed both men until they could make sure they weren’t suspects.

Sources say officers had to wake up Metta — who quickly vouched for his brother and cousin, and both men were released. We’re told Mr. World Peace was very “understanding and professional” … naturally.

Eventually the “armed suspects” came out and proved to cops they were residents of the complex — unrelated to Metta — who were returning home with BB guns used while recording a video.

We’re told the 4 men got off with a warning — presumably about carrying weapons in public — and possibly about unnecessarily alarming Lakers superstars … who, let’s face it, need all the rest they can get this season.

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