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50 Cent Vs. French Montana Twitter Beef Canceled listening party & several jokes!

50 Cent and French Montana

It's hard to tell how serious the Twitter feud between 50 Cent and French Montana really is, but it's certainly worth a few laughs.

After spending the past 48 hours retweeting disparaging French comments from his fans, Fif hurled some new barbs at his new foe. "I herd there was a @ listening party at Interscope so I'm here," the G-Unit head honcho wrote sarcastically, throwing a shot at his labelmate.

"Dont come wit da funny tank top on lol," French wrote in response, referencing the multi-colored G-Unit-branded tees that Fif has been known to wear.

The back-and-forth began on Wednesday after published an interview where French questioned the effectiveness of rap beef these days and used 50's rap tiffs as an example. "I feel like beef hurt him," Montana said before questioning if 50 can be the SoundScan juggernaut he once was.

Fif didn't take too kindly to the Bad Boy rapper's assessment of his career and went on Twitter to voice his displeasure. Montana then responded with a tweet of his own. "damnnn homie last year u was da mannnnn homieeeeeee wat da f------ happen to uuuuuu," he wrote referencing a lyric in 50's 2003 single "Wanksta."

Montana would later erase the message, only to repost it again.

50 continued to clown French joking that the Montana listening session that he was so looking forward to was canceled. "Im disappointed Man I want to hear the music ☺ SMSaudio," he wrote.

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