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BET Bans Rick Ross “Hold Me Back” Video


Rick Ross chants about how people can’t hold him back on his new song (aptly titled “Hold Me Back”, LOL) but apparently someone can and is holding the Bawse back…BET! The Black Entertainment Television network has banned his video for the song, with no official reason cited as of yet. It’s presumed to be the violence depicted in it, however. We do know it was shot in New Orleans and we’ve seen some BTS footage so far, but nothing’s looked too out of the ordinary or violent about it! I’m sure BET will be releasing a statement soon. In the meantime, see what the video’s director Taj said about it on Twitter below.

Marisa Mendez

So BET rejected Ross’ “Hold Me Back” video. It’s incredibly sad, because the video is incredibly special & real. You’re killing US BET. Smh. Everybody ask BET why it’s ok for them to play “Boyz N the Hood”, “Menace to Society”, and “South Central”, but not Ross’ video. What does BET stand for? You should have two answers for that question

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