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Chris Lighty rumor, Usher Tells All to Oprah's, Cops profiling Tyler Perry Off The Hook?

Rumors surrounding the death of Chris Lighty have taken curious turn...

According to Tattle Tailzz

Chris Lighty was expecting a baby and it was not from his wife Veronica. Veronica was aware of the pregnancy and the other female. Their marriage was not repairable. The female that is pregnant by Chris Lighty works in the industry and is an assistant to another powerful hip hop mogul.
Usher tells all?
Usher and his mother Jonetta Patton are the next celebrity guests on Oprah's Next Chapter and in the teaser promo Oprah promises that Usher will tell all about his marriage, his mother skipping his wedding and the down and dirty details of his child custody battle...
Earlier this year Tyler Perry was pulled over in what he believed was a racially motivated traffic stop.

The Atlanta Police Department disagrees with him...

From TMZ
Tyler Perry accused two cops of racially profiling him during a "hostile" traffic stop earlier this year -- when they pulled Perry over in his $110,000 Porsche for making an illegal left turn.
Perry claimed he was eventually let go without receiving a ticket -- because a black officer showed up to the scene and informed the two white officers that Perry was famous.
According to docs released by the Atlanta PD, the officers claim they couldn't see the driver behind his tinted windows, so racially profiling Perry would have been impossible.
The cops claim they believed Perry was driving a stolen car at the time -- because it matched a description of a stolen vehicle -- and that's the primary reason he was pulled over.
According to the report, there was no dashboard camera in either patrol car to back up the cops' testimony.
Following the investigation, an internal affairs officers stated, "I would submit the evidence shows the actions of both officers with the regard to the traffic stop of Mr. Perry were justified, lawful and proper."

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