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DNA Responds To Meek Mill's Tweet Saying He Would Battle Him

DNA saw the Tweet and posted a video response.


"I got no problem getting in the ring with Meek Mill at all. I feel like it would be a crazy battle," DNA said. "For y'all that don't know, Meek Mill has battled years ago in like 2003, but with all that being said this battle world done changed. This ain't what they used to do in '03, this is 2012 and it's way advanced."

DNA then plays some old footage of Meek battling back in the day and explains why that style wouldn't work now.


"Yo Meek Mill I f*ck with you heavy. 'Dream Chasers 2,' crazy... 2 million downloads your music is fire. But bro in 2012 that type of battling is not gonna work with me at all. I'm not trying to step in your world where you do music, don't step in mine. This thing is different I'm telling you," DNA said emphatically.

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