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After looking for new ways to push all the hot tracks that are constantly being submitted to be featured on his site, HoodCelebritys has decided to compile the best of the best into a new mixtape series and name the new series Access To My Inbox. During an online convocation with Tawag Enterprises, LLC. the two have decided the make the series a joint project to add more promotional power and exposure for all the artist featured on the project.

Look out for more from these two power house’s Vol2 has already been prepared and is on the way.

Access To My Inbox - Track List

1. Access To My Inbox Tricksta Intro

2. Darkskin - Im Tatted

3. Kidderachi Feat Opiffawana - Gotta Go Ard

4. Boobie Soprano Feat Rolls Royce - Fly Shit

5. Clov Feat Darksin - M.O.E

6. Clov - Blue Cup

7. Jamieson - Devil You Know, Devil You Don't

8. - Pissed Poem/Ima F*ck You Right

9. Cloudy Junior - Rose Gold (Produced By DA)

10. Panama - Sex Pleasure - (Produced By Black Jab)

11. SlickdotR - Till I Die

12. Demize - Forget About It

13. Thai Matic Feat Lante London & Marvin Morgan – Wolves

14. PaperBoi E&J Feat Murdoc - Fully GASSED!!!

15. Jamieson Feat. K.I.N.E.T.I.K - Rebel With A Cause

16. Jayo Feat. Kushy The Kid – Incredible

17.Tommy Dmo Feat Ellis - Queens Heads (Produced By Tommy Dmo)

18. Mike Stones, Y Mash, Ace Boogie, Y SMG, Mash Moeef, G Wiz, Phaze, Moaner - Clap City (RACK CITY REMIX)

19. Rico Paysos Feat Beanie Sigel - Make it Out

20. Miski Feat P Money - On My Thrown

21. Access To My Inbox Tricksta Outro

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