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Is Eminem replacing Yelawolf with the next great white hype?

It's sad things have not quite gone as expected for Yelawolf since signing to Shady Records in 2011. Sure, there have been a few magazine covers and Eminem collaborations, but tensions as of late appear to be directed at his overall Interscope Records deal. If all this holds true, it looks like Eminem could be on the verge of making an overnight replacement. According to All Hip Hop Rumors, Slim Shady already has the wheels in motion:

Earlier this year, I came down pretty hard on a kid named Young Sinatra! Well, he did a song where he sounded JUST like Drake and it was a big thumbs down. But, after listening to a bit more of of his music, he's pretty darn talented. Well, rappers of a lighter shade are all the rage now. Eminem seems like he's got favor with White America. Yelawolf seems to be working out OK in the underworld. But, I think Em and crew are looking for another face to represent Shady 2.0 and that's Logic. Its heavily rumored from my sources that Eminem is looking to sign the dude. And for good reason...he's lighter content than Yela and Em and that's what's poppin' with the teens and the tweens. Right now, I'm hearing they have Logic in "training" for the bigger picture. (All Hip Hop Rumors)

You would hate to think that Yelawolf's run with Shady Records could be coming to an end, but if this is in fact true, it's pretty exciting to see what happens next. It's pretty hard to think anybody who gets time to shine alongside Em could fail.

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