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Joe Budden & Tahiry talk Love & Hip Hop (Season 3 Premere Tonight VH1 8pm)

you're a fan of Joe, you know that the outspoken rapper is certainly not camera shy or coy when it comes to revealing the intimate details of his life on social media. 

With a series of clips on YouTube and a string of posts on Twitter, he's consistently kept fans aware of who he's dating, who's he's beefing with and what he's thinking.  But that was when he was in control.... spoke exclusively with Joe after Friday's premiere party for the show, to talk about his current relationship, how that's working out with him filming with his former girlfriend Tahiry Jose, and why's he's so open about sharing aspects of his personal life.


Your girlfriend Kailyn was with you at the premiere party. What did she say to you after the party about your scenes with your ex Tahiry where you seemed to be trying to rekindle something with her.

She didn’t say anything. There is nothing that I don’t share with her and she has a career as well.

Was your girlfriend comfortable with you trying to reach out to Tahiry?

Hell yeah. Me and Tahiry have an extensive history, albeit in a different capacity, but there’s never anything wrong with wanting a friendship with somebody that you were once friends with. My girl is pretty secure, more than you see in women, as far as exes go. We’re both like that. She speaks to her ex-boyfriends and I could care less. You trust the person you’re with. You don’t trust anyone else but you trust the person you’re with because you’re supposed to.

L&HH is portraying you as being in a love triangle this season, were you aware of this before signing on?

I don’t know if I’m in a love triangle. It’s very simple for me. I have my girlfriend who I am with daily and who I am very much in love with. I have my ex girlfriend who I love dearly and I have a friend. Just a friend. No intimacy, no dick-pussy exchange, nothing.

Why have you always been so upfront with aspects of your life? Even relationships & breakups?

I’m comfortable. I’m comfortable in my skin and that’s how it’s always been. That’s how I started music, that how I started writing. I don’t have very much to hide; I don’t have very many skeletons. And all the flaws I do have that people heard about, chances are they heard about it from me. Just call it being authentic, to me. You want to let people know who you are so they know to treat you accordingly

After seeing the last season of L&HH, did you have any reservations about doing the show?

No, not at all. Joe Budden will be Joe Budden no matter where he is. With reality TV it’s their job to put you in certain situations and film your reactions, but I react well. I think this season will show a side to me that people don’t necessarily know to well. I’m 90% of the time calm cool and collected.

Though the show appears to be focusing on your personal life, will we get a glimpse of Joe Budden the artist?

Hopefully. Reality TV is all imagined but I can’t speak to what will be seen or won’t be seen. I know what I shot and I definitely shot scenes in the studio, and whether those will make the final cut is something highly different. To be honest, I don’t think people that watch reality TV give a fuck about the studio. I don’t think reality TV’s audience really cares about productivity.


Tahiry spoke exclusively to about it all.  Here are the highlights:

With many people labeling you a video ho or rapper arm piece, explain the image YOU are trying to convey:

I am being really "real" on tv and it's not an act. I am hard-working and I’m a college graduate whose grown into a business woman and who's building my brand. I hope to show the whole world that dating a rapper is not all glitz and glamour and I’m a regular person.  I'm "human."

On how she was “discovered” and began her career in the industry

I started doing blogs with Joe. I don’t think he knew what he was doing....he was just putting the camera on his girlfriend. He uploaded it to YouTube and the world loved it. And now, several years later, I’ve done almost every urban magazine and appeared in the movie, Interlude.

On if she feels like Joe Budden discovered her

I believe he put me out there.  BUT, you could put a camera on anybody and you won’t get the same effect. He's had a thousand girlfriends and he’s put the camera on each and every one of them.  But there’s a reason why I’m here…..still. He helped me over the edge….

On finding out Joe was a part of "LAHH 3"

I remember the day exactly. I had held onto the contract for a week and I had it in my gym bag. I was just walking and reminding myself to sign the contract, then I got a phone call. They said Joe had signed a contract and he’s a part of "Love & Hop Hop" and my day became CLOUDY. Like literally, everything just stopped around me and I was 'f*ck f*ck f*ck'. And then I said, what the hell. Who am I fooling? Together or not together, that’s why we got on the show.

On Joe talking about her on his mixtape and VH1 wanting them to film together

In retrospect, everything is funny and you get over situation. But in the moment, it’s my real life. I can’t be mad at VH1, we both signed on for this. But still, there’s also real life happening, I mean what you see on tv is real, but it’s moving a lot slower than real life (the mixtape situation happened AFTER they filmed). So it’s difficult because I am not pretending. But Joe does that all the time. He raps about me all the time and he holds on to sh*t.

On what she hopes to gain from being on "L&HH"

Like I said, I’m just being me and I’m enjoying the ride.   I want to be the next Nene Leakes. Why the f*ck not? Let’s get it. I mean, I been doing this for four years so now it’s time to take it up a notch.

On reservations about going on LAHH and her Twitter gangsters…

I come from blogging about my life but the main thing with this is we weren’t in control. Just knowing that I’m not in control scares me. And now it’s a bigger audience…I mean this is on tv! It’s crazy. But it’s been fun. And on the internet thugs, thing can get quite harsh…I am human. I've got a thick skin and it comes with the territory.

On what we expect in the near future?

I am building my empire, which is a little bit of everything. From clothes to music to acting. I’ve covered almost every urban magazine out there….just have a little piece of me everywhere. I'm also looking into opening my own bar/lounge in Florida (South Beach).

VH1 is amped up for season 3 of its urban soap-opera "Love & Hip Hop" (January 7) and this season we'll see a cast of both new and familiar faces who are full of excitement and drama. 

One of the new faces gracing the small screen will be Dominican model Tahiry Jose (shown atop with co-star Rashidah Ali at Thursday night's premiere party).  The Harlem native first rose to fame through a series of online video posts from her then boyfriend, rapper Joe Budden (who also stars on "L&HH").

Though the show has yet to debut, the drama between the former couple has already spilled off screen and into social media with the pair bickering about Joe rapping about her on his most recent mixtape, A Loose Quarter.

Love & Hip Hop season 3 premieres Monday, January 7 @ 8/7c on VH1

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