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Judge Stops Meek Mill From Touring vs. Cassidy’s Securing An Endorsement Deal Because Of 'Condom Style' Freestyle


Meek’s dreams are turning into nightmares. Earlier, a Philadelphia judge pumped the breaks on Meek Mill’s touring schedule for a month.

The ruling stems from a probation violation in which Meek made unauthorized appearances and failed to report to his probation officer. This summer a judge warned Meek about his lyrical content.

On Brighter Note:

When Cassidy released his "Condom Style" freestyle over Psy's "Gangnam Style" instrumental, he preached about the dangers of having unprotected sex. Some people laughed at the song. Fellow Philly emcee Meek Mill called it "the worst song in the history of rapping."




Still Cass was undeterred by the naysayers.




"If 'Condom Style' made at lease 1 man strap up, & potentially saved at lease 1 person from getting a STD.. The song served its purpose," Cass wrote on Twitter. "It was never a song that everybody in the world liked! But 'Condom Style' is on ovr 400,000 sites! & has ovr 300,000 views on YouTube alrdy!"


Last night The Hustla announced that he had secured an endorsement deal because of the song.








We can assume the deal is with a condom company. No word on which one at this point. We'll keep you updated.



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