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Katt Williams Can't Dodge Cops, Detained In Los Angeles

Famed comedian Katt Williams reportedly ran into some legal woes early Wednesday (October 17) morning after police detained him over a possible gun-related charge.

Details of his detainment hit the Internet early Wednesday morning.

Katt Williams was hauled in by LAPD early this morning for a possible gun violation at a Hollywood nightclub. Law enforcement sources tell us police got a call around 1AM that someone was brandishing a gun at Supper Club ... and when officers arrived on scene a witness identified Katt as the suspect. We're told police did not find a gun on Katt, but when they found one in his car -- Katt and two other members of his entourage were taken into custody for questioning. Police have since released one of the men, and booked another on an unrelated traffic warrant. Katt is still being held. (TMZ)

Shortly after making widespread headlines, Williams got released from police custody.

4:55AM PT: Katt was just released without any charges. We're told the gun was unregistered and police are trying to find out who owns it. Katt tells us it was all just a misunderstanding. (TMZ)

Last summer, Williams found himself in handcuffs after a heated situation led to a felony charge.

Actor and comedian Katt Williams will be in court Tuesday, after being arrested in a standoff with a tractor driver at a home in Palmdale. Williams was arrested Saturday afternoon for felony intimidating a witness. Police say several women on the property allegedly pelted a tractor driver with rocks. When the driver tried to leave the property, Williams allegedly blocked the exit with his SUV, and would not move until Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies arrived. Deputies arrested the three women for assault with a deadly weapon and Williams for felony intimidation of a witness. (KTLA)

Months later, he made more bad press following a comedy show incident.

In August, the comedian was reportedly kicked out of his own comedy show after getting "belligerent" with those in attendance. Although his second show was cancelled as a result, Williams returned to the comedy club later that night, resulting in a quick call to the police. (Inquisitr)

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