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Love & Hip Hop News: Consequence Responds To Pusha-T Diss & Tahiry Shows Joe Budden GF Suspicious Text

Tahiry Shows Kaylin Suspicious Texts From Joe Budden

Those of you who follow Tahiry on Twitter know that she often ousts her ex Joe Budden to his current girlfriend Kaylin Garcia, and this time things got real when Tahiry posted suspicious texts from Joe on her Instagram. The messages show Joe asking Tahiry who she's dating, interest in her Twitter page and an invite to dinner in the future.

Tahiry thought it best to include Kaylin on the conversation, so she posted the screen shot with the caption, "@Kaylin_Garcia one of y'all are on a different page!!!! #imjussayin"

After seeing the message Joe tweeted back, saying "1 is my baby, 1 is my ex... & each act like their title.

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