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Master P talks about Whether or not "Brick to a Million" was a Kanye/Lil Wayne Diss Record


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When Master P released his song "Brick To a Million" last month many people thought he was going at Kanye West and Lil Wayne in the first verse.


"New n*ggas wearin’ dresses. F*ck it, I ain’t scared to address it/Gangster n*ggas on skateboards? I’m at the house breakin’ motherf*ckin’ headboards/Real n*ggas stand up. Three dollar n*ggas y'all man up," P raps.


In a new interview with Big Boy's Neighborhood, P addresses the controversy.



P said the lines were aimed at someone who works at a radio station who doesn't believe he can make a comeback. For people offended by the record, P says "if the shoe fits wear it."



Brick to a million

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