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Meek Mills ready to battle rap again? Talks first week Sales & Jeezy/Ross Beef!

Meek Mill is no stranger to the battle rap scene. Early in his career he honed his emcee skills going up against other emcees. Although it's been a while, Meek feels like he still has what it takes.


Last month Meek sent out a Tweet saying he would battle DNA or E-Ness.


In a new interview with XXL's Editor at Large Shaheem Reid, Meek again expressed a desire to step back into the ring.


"I just ain't scared to do it," Meek said. "I was really the first to do two tours without having an album out. The first to do three million downloads in an hour or two. The first to jump back in the rind and battle. One of the first to be rocking arenas in cities where people never even heard of me. So why not be the first to jump back in that ring to do my thing, it's what I love."


When DNA was asked about Meek's challenge last month he said he didn't know if Meek was ready because the landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years.


"Meek Mill has battled years ago in like 2003, but with all that being said this battle world done changed.." DNA said at the time. "This ain't what they used to do in '03, this is 2012 and it's way advanced."


Meek says he's not at all worried about losing.


"I don't even have plans on losing. I lost my first battle when I was thirteen. The guy was sixteen years old, I didn't know too much. I didn't have good topics to rap about. He know more than me." Meek explained. "But since then I never lost a battle. I think I battled 1500 people in my life."


After years of being out of the scene do you think Meek has what it takes to become a top notch battle rapper again?


Maybach Music Group rapper Meek Mill recently offered his take on the building tensions between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy, admitting he has no interest in seeing them trade blows.

Shortly after their publicized BET Hip Hop Awards altercation, Meek said negative outcomes could result if they keep beefing.

"I don't participate in none of that," Meek said in an interview. "I advise them to chill before somebody get killed and they be having ten rappers on a song talking about making the rest in peace tribute song -- I don't get involved in nothing like that. I've seen bad things in my hood. I know kids that in the middle of a battle, start shooting over a battle rap." (Parker Vision)

Maybach Music Group rapper Meek Mill has addressed the high projections for his new Dreams & Nightmares solo album and said he is not worried about the final tally.

Meek specifically acknowledged a possible impact this week's publicized Hurricane Sandy could have on his sales.

"Yeah, it'll affect it a little bit ... but I ain't really trippin' on the first week, man," Meek told MTV News on Wednesday (October 31). "My album will sustain itself just like my mixtapes. I continued to rap all year long. I toured on mixtapes that been put out almost a year ago, two years ago, you know, it really shouldn't be a problem. It's kinda damaging for the first two days, but luckily we got iTunes, and when stores open up today or tomorrow, we'll get back on track." (MTV)

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