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The name Kleph Dollaz might not mean much to those who's not read linear notes, but he was without a doubt a talented cat who sadly never got the props he so rightfully deserved. Daniel Durand (a.k.a. Kleph Dollaz) left the physical due to a heartattack yesterday morning; local friends called the Virgina artist an integral part of Virginia's hip-hop scene. Outside of his hometown he hooked up with an M. Warren and formed the duo Ill Biskits, releaing the underground classic "God Bless Your Life" B/W "22 Years". The underground hype caught the attention of Atlantic Records who signed them for a one album deal; the resulting "Chronicle Of Two Losers", a dope and original hip.hop album featuring production by Bronx legends Buckwild, Lord Finesse and Mike Loe. Since it didn't sound anything like the shiny suit music provided by Pappa-Diddy-Pop and BIG, resulting in the album getting shelved after only some test pressings. Lucikily it was reissued in 2007, so it's no longer a lost album and at that, it's strongly recommened.

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