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RTM Interview: Friday Night Live Favorite Shotty talks Va's Sound, Richmond Vs. 7 Cities & More

The great thing about open mics and unsigned artists showcase is new talent. The best feeling a fan can get is the surprise of new sounding high energy of a new face to the stage. Shotty, originally from Richmond has made a name for himself in Friday Night Live at Club Twist. Best known for his hot single "Get the F**K out My Face"(not sure if that's the actual song title; but that's the chorus). RTM caught with Shotty to talk the move from Richmond, His name, Va's sound and much more!

RTM:  What inspired you to start your hip hop career?

S: I feel like music is the best art form to express the way you feeling no matter what it is that your going through and get it across to other people that may be feeling the same way on a large scale.


RTM:      Coming from Richmond to Hampton Roads what do you think is the biggest difference in the hip hop scenes?

S: There is no real difference between the two, both cities have a genuine love for our music no matter the form.

RTM:      How did you get the name Shotty?

S:I feel like that weapon best describes my flow, big, hit hard, and when it sounds off it's definitely heard

RTM:      How does it feel to win at Friday Night Live?

S: It felt great being able to enter a contest with other artist equally as great and be singled out it's definitely a humbling feeling.


RTM:       How do you u feel about the Hip Hop industry in general and what do you feel you bring to the table that’s missing?

S: I feel like these days everything sound the same and what i will bring to the game is versatility. I take pride in being called different.


RTM:       Do you think it is easier to catch a battle rapping or shooting a video for a single or mixtape record?

S: I don't think any of it is hard simply because i love music and everything that comes along with it, I consider it all fun.


RTM:       If you had any rapper and producer to choose from what would your dream track sound like who would produce it and who would feature on it?

S: If I had to pick a artist it would be ludacris and the producer would be timberland......CRAZY TRACK.

RTM:       How would you describe VA’s sound and in your opinion what would it take for VA to be taken seriously on a hip hop label like ATL or NY?

S: VA is in the middle of both markets so i feel we incorporate both styles into our music but the one thing i feel we missing that the major cities have is unity and for us to be taken seriously we need to support our own more

RTM:       What are your goals this year?

S: My goals this year are simple....To make my independent label RoundtableRecords a major success and be the best husband and father i can be.








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