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RTM Interview: Friday Night Winner SG Talks Smithfield Music Scene, Social Media & More


Ask some people that are new to the music scene in VA and they will feel like the industry is not growing. If you ask others the VA scene is growing at a fast pace. Not only can you get play on 103 Jamz on Sunday, meet that same DJ at an open mic on Monday’s, Rock and win tickets to major concerts on Wednesdays, but now you can perform on Fridays at Club twist in front a crowd that is ready to party at midnight. The new showcase called Friday Night Live allows you to do just that, hosted by Double XL & Ammo last Friday honored its first set of winners.  Introducing Smithfield’s SG of the yellow tape boys, RTM caught up with him to talk music, business, social media & more.

RTM:     How does it feel to one the first winners at Friday Night Live?

SG: It feels good to be honest, I been rapping and doing music for awhile. This like my first time coming out sharing my music with people I dont know. So it feels great to be finally recognized.



RTM:        How did you get the name SG and how did you meet your crew the yellow tape boys?

SG: My name is Sam, and as a kid my friends called me Sam Goodie. As of this year my C.E.O. of. The Yellow Tape Boys Bronx Cavarsea started calling me Street General for my rap name./ I moved to Smithfield in 1999 and met up with Bronx Cavarsea in like 2004 2005 in Jersey Park Apartments. We clicked from there, then we started a group called Blood Money with a few other people, we been doing music every since then. Some cats didn't last, some cats did it for fun, but me and Bronx really wanted it. So we down sized the team, got a new name, and now we're trying to push what we doing.



RTM:      How hard is it to push your music being from Smithfield and what’s the music scene like in your area?

SG: The thing about Smithfield is that you got to get everybody to believe in you. Its alot of cats that do music but ain't really tryna go all the way or just ain't got what it takes. So if you get past all of that then people will push you. Its alot of people from Smithfield that do music and that's serious about their work. I feel like I’m gonna open up alot of doors for the people in Smithfield that really wanna do music. I really feel like its alot of good music coming from Smithfield to be honest.



RTM:      Is there a lot of unity in Smithfield on the music scene and how supportive are the fans?

SG: Its alot of people that f**k with me with the music and we always get together. When I’m doing something they look out for me and when they doing something I look out for them. I can say I have a great supportive system but I don’t know if I could call them fans.

RTM:      Who in the music industry inspires you and who would be a dream to work with and why?

SG: As a kid I use to sing, lol, that's until I started listening to Biggie, Pac, Busta Rhymes, DMX, and Snoop Dog. Since I been rapping I can say I really looked up to Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. That's because they been go so hard and really made something out of their life doing what they do.  I would love to work with Jay-Z, Mr. West, Young Jezzy, Snoop Dog, and Rick Ross. I cant forget about my boys from VA. Pharrell, Jack Of Spades, Trey Songz, Pusha-T, and Chris Brown.



RTM:     How do you feel about VA radio and the open mic scene?

SG: I’m just now getting into the Open Mic scene to be honest, so I don’t have alot to say about that. I just enjoy the experience and hope it takes me to the next level. I do know about 103 Jamz supporting the local artist and playing their music on the radio. I appreciate them for that and hopefully I’ll be on the radio soon.

RTM:     Do you think an artists should strive for a major deal and sign with independent label and why?

SG: I feel like some artist should shoot for an Independent Label, and that's because some artist don’t do the type of music Major Labels are looking for. If you’re doing great music and got what it takes I feel you should be shoot for a Major Label. If you got everything you need you really don’t need a Major Label. If you need alot done for you and don’t have alot of help you should be shooting for a Major Label.


RTM:     How hard in Va is it to find a team such as a manger, promoter or Dj to help promote your music and would you be willing to pay one to do such a duty?

SG:  If I had the bread to hire those type of good people I would. I feel like I can find all of that in VA. I just got to get around and get to know alot more people. In due time things will come together, cause In God I Trust./ I really want to buy my mother a house, I can’t lie about that. I just want to get this money and find something legal to get into so I can provide for my family. I’m tired of my brothers getting locked up and I’m tired of seeing the little ones come up getting locked up. So I would love to find away to stop all of that. I just wanna put on for my family and my team, gets our credit right and live life right. Travel the world, live positive, and never want for nothing.


RTM:       Do you think social media (facebook and twitter) are helping the game or hurting and why?

SG: The social media can help you or hurt you, depending on how you use it. Some people over do it running people away from them. Sharing their music to peoples page and comments like people really want that. It can get your music out there and you can meet new people that's in the music world. why?


RTM:   What can the fans look forward to from you in the future?

SG:  I just dropped my first Mixtape (Grind Hard Shine Harder) three months ago and Volume 2 will be out this month some time. So look out for that. Me and the team coming out with our first Mixtape since we changed our name to the Yellow Tape Boyz and that's gonna be super hot. Other then that I’m just working and trying to do my thing. So just keep your ears open cause I’m grinding.

Facebook: Sam Getdatmoney Goodie
Twitter: SamGoodieBANAC
Reverbnation S.G. ( Street General) and under Label (Yellow Tape Boyz)


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Comment by S.G. (Street General) on August 10, 2012 at 8:36pm

Im so proud of you Sam this is just the begnning...stay focused I know you goin do big things..God bless you...much love from the family


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