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RTM Interview: Introducing Fame P Talks Radio, Open Mics & The Sh*t Talkers Movement.


Never despise small beginnings. The Hip Hop must fans are searching for to satisfy their needs is still being created. There are still creative artists producing thought provoking music. The job of the fan is to find those artists and support them. Fase, an artist himself had a vision and created a Facebook group entitled Sh*t Talkers. This group that has turned into a movement is place to vent, share opinions, news and mostly discover new music. It is here RTM was introduced to Fame P. P has left such an impression he was named the first artist of the week in the group. RTM caught up with Fame P to discuss Hip Hop, Open Mics, Radio and this new movement called S**t Talkers.  



RTM:  First and foremost what moment in time did you fall in love with Hip Hop, what record or video did and did it influence you want to begin writing music.



FP: I can’t even remember a certain moment that made me fall in love with Hip Hop. I grew up on it. My roots are from where it all started, that being the Bronx New York. Hip Hop was all around me. My uncle was  a well known DJ at the time and My pops was just heavy into Hip Hop. I can't say one video or one song did it. I just remember being glued to the tv when Yo! MTV Raps would come on. And I mean Hot 97 spoiled da hell outta me. I gotta give da credit to my love for Hip Hop to the Bronx as a whole.

RTM:       Where did you get the name Fame P?



 FP: When  I came to VA due to my pops being stationed here I did alotta moving around so I lived in a few neighborhoods out da beach and went to like 5 different middle schools. Because of that I was well known all over for one reason or another. Got to the point where it was ni**as was like damn son, you know everybody don't you? And I'd be like I mean shit if I don't know them they know me or at least of me. Kinda like I was already some kinda famous. Then me and my nigga in high school called ourselves forming a group and we chose to go with Fame and Glory. Dat s**t was wack fa'real lol. But I rode wit da name FAME and it caught on depending on how you knew me. I eventually added the P (short for Percy) cuz you know da kid from M.O.P was already Lil Fame. Just had to add a lil bit of difference to it.



RTM:       Originally from New York, Do you find it harder to get fan love and respect here in VA?



FP  Fortunately I’ve been living in VA long enough to call it home and you know how da saying goes. It ain't where you from its where you at. I don't hesitate to let it be known dat I’m originally from NY so when ni**as hear dat they usually be like oh yeah it makes sense. I can hear it in ya flow. It hasn't really hindered me tho as far as the music goes.



RTM:        What is your opinion on VA radio?



FP :Yo I honestly don't f**k wit da radio out here. For one I got Hot 97 and Power 105 in NY to compare it to cuz I'll still check those out online. But even that s**t ain't the same. It’s not even necessarily radio's fault. Its the industry and what they consider hot. Its da same shit all f**kin day. Even when it’s a dj on that you f**k wit, he only got like a hour to really go in and half the time Ima miss that cuz Im doing other s**t. Even the local s**t. I’m all for repping and supporting up and coming VA artists cuz I’m one myself, but the shit dat get play on the radio be 95% bullshit wit some actual dope shit in between. Ni**as be getting a pass. It’s like as long as we keep tellin ni**as dat dey bullshit is hot its just gon get worse. And you can’t tell one ni**a his shit wack when they putting on a # of other bullshit artists and songs that all sound like da same f**kin thing, As long as we support bulls**t da bulls**t going keep coming.



RTM:      How do you feel about open mics/showcases and how important are they to the success of your career?




FP: I’m like dis wit it. I post music online for people to listen to and fb and twitter t like that for ni**as to check out all da fuckin time. Ni**as don't be clicking on dat shit fa'real. You don't get no love til somebody with a big name cosign you or they see ya . I had to go out and force feed ni**as my shit. Most of the people that know of me comes from me going out and performing live or at least goin to support other ni**as wit a similar dream. You gotta start somewhere. I take pride in my performances cuz Im passionate about my music. I jump at every opportunity to rock live. I got this saying that goes "How Ima show my ass if I don't show my face." It gotta be like that. Now I’m showing my ass every chance I get. I don't care if it’s a packed house or not. Ive been the last man standing just waiting for my turn to rock to the point where it’s been just me, the promoter, the dj and the bartender. I use those moments as practice. I plan to rock stages all over the country and beyond that so the open mics and showcases are def important for my career.


RTM:       How would you describe your music and what can we expect from this mixtape you are working on?



FP: Best way I can describe my shit is passionate. I pull alot from my real life. I been on the block wit every other nigga, sold drugs like every other ni**a and got money like every other ni**a. What I don't do is rhyme about what every other ni**a rhyme about. I don't even wanna rhyme over the same kinda beats. I don't care about none of that shit. Its da other shit that occurs in life that I talk about. Relationships, struggle, you know shit like that. The s**t that makes me me. That's why Im calling this mixtape "What My Days Made Me". It’s a small peak into who I am. I talk about shit alotta ni**as either don't know how to put into words or they just afraid to go there. I talk about my faults and all'at. Aint none of us perfect but ni**as spit as tho life is just one big ass party. With this mixtape you can expect real life shit. No fabrication. And above all Bars for days no matter what I’m talking about.



RTM:       Congratulations on being Sh*T Talkers artists of the week, what’s your opinion of the group created by Fa$e and how does it feel to get recognized as the first ever artists of the week?



FP: Man Shit Talkers did more for me than ni**as will ever know. I’ve met alotta cool people, made some fans, got up on alotta music that I may not otherwise known about and just got alotta love. I aint had any problems with S**t Talkers. I’ve been able to avoid the drama. I be seeing lil subliminal here and there but ain't nobody said my name so as far as Im concerned it never happened. When I got the call that they decided to start this ST2 artist of the week and I was gonna be the 1st one I was like Wow. That might not mean shit to alotta people but ive been to alotta open mics and competitions and I don't win shit. I ain't even dropped my first mixtape yet. My music is just different. My talent speaks for itself. I was chosen because my name has been on the lips of alotta people and I’m seen at shows rocking stages all over and I’m there whether I’m performing or not. I support what ni**as do. I started out in Shit Talkers with the attitude like Fuck ni**as, ni**as can't see me with this rap shit. But then I started actually going to all these different events and finding so many artists that I respect for what they do. Even if it’s a situation where I don't feel dey music it be something about em that I just gotta respect whether it be they performance, they grind, or just they character. Being a part of Shit Talkers has been a humbling experience. Big shouts out to FA$E amd Bakeskeeza from the Dirty Workas for seeing something in me that they felt needed to be applauded. Salute



RTM:        Would you consider signing to one of the labels here in VA?



FP I don't really know about that B. I won't know fa'real till somebody come at me and we on the same page as far as where I’m tryna go and what I need from a label. The thing about it is they're a local label. Key word there is local. If I don't hear about that label making moves to get ni**as outta VA then what can you do for me that I can't do for myself besides fund a couple things and book some shows that I don't know about. If I’m doing what I’m supposed to the shows I'll come to me. But we'll see. I just need to hear something good.

RTM:       What is your goal for this year?



FP Man I just wanna put out quality music B. I wanna drop this tape and have my s**t heard by the masses. I want my respect. I do dis shit from the heart. I’m so passionate about my s**t. If I don't do nothing else by the end of this year I want everybody out here to know FAME P aint nothing to be slept on. I want niggas to look at "What My Days Made Me" like nothing else that's coming outta here. I only been on my grind wit dis shit for coming up on a year now and I’ve done so much and reached so many people in such a short time. It only gets better from here. With that being said look out for that "What My Days Made Me" to drop this September/October 2012...RiiiTE!!!


RTM:   If you could change one thing about VA what it be and why?



FP: I wish ni**as would develop their own sound. It’s like being in the Middle East these ni**as be so confused. They don't know who the fuck they wanna be. I get so sick of hearing ni**as tryna sound like they from ATL. And it’s fucked up because they the ones getting all the acclaim and they don't even sound like themselves. Ni**as scream 2 up 2 down all f**kin day just to sound like a ni**a from fuckin ATL. It’s cool when ni**as from ATL do it, but they from f**kin ATL. Dey supposed to sound like that. If ni**as ain't say dey was from VA you would neva know half the time. To make the rest of the industry take us seriously we gotta come wit our own shit. It worked for Pharell, It worked for Timbaland, It worked for Missy and it worked for Nottz. Half the industry biting off shit that was created in our own backyard. The sooner ni**as realize that the sooner VA will become its own ATL. And dats da sad part. We a whole state trying to sound like one f**kin city. Some s**t gotta change.


Facebook - facebook/percy.r.mcadoo
Twitter - @fame_p_mac
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Comment by Shirley McAdoo on July 12, 2012 at 3:56pm
So proud of my son. Fame P. Much love. Thank you Rock the Mic News for showing love and Support.
Comment by Shirley McAdoo on July 12, 2012 at 4:01pm
So proud of my son. Fame P. Much love. Thank you Rock the Mic News for showing love and Support.


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