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RTM Interview: P Town’s Young X Talks Summer Mayhem 2, Battle with Ave, Soprano & More

When the mention of talent is brought up for some reason a lot critics want to leave at Portsmouth. P Town as its nicknamed has given birth to Missy Elliot, Wanda Sykes, Chad Hugo & a list of others that have found fame. In the Virginia Movement alone, P Town has produced two movies, came together as the VA CO OP, released the now classic Fly Gangsta’s “Goon KIllas” and introduced the talents of SSG, Cell Block, Chloe, Red Robin, Kool Cash, and a list of others. Now enter Young X which made P Town a force to recognize on the battle scene. His battle with Norfolk’s Ave has seen 5000 plus views, his respected Hood Smash “Section 8 B*tch” is gaining momentum and his label mate Soprano recently joined the dirty workas making their shared movement CRC stronger. RTM caught with Young X to discuss The Come up, The Battle Scene and The struggle in between.


RTM: When did you fall in love with Hip Hop and how did you get name the Young X?

X:  I always loved music but I starting rapping around the age of 8. I was on punishment and the only tape I had was a Biggie tape with the Juicy and i love it when you call me big poppa instrumentals. I gave myself the name Young X because I feel like I'm where its at. 'X' marks the spot.



RTM:   What is the music scene  like in P Town and in your opinion is there any unity?

X; Its talent all over Portsmouth. We not as unified as we could be. Its the jungle out here but I love it.  You don't see tigers running with bears in the jungle.




RTM:   Rumor has it you spent a period of time in jail did that affect the decision to make your rap career a reality?

X:  No, I was serious about the music before I went to jail. One thing about it, I thought about some hot ass songs while I was in there.



RTM: You write about your experiences in a 2pac type of style and your partner in Crime Soprano write more of lyrical based Slaughterhouse type of style how did yall meet and become so inseparable in Hip Hop arenas ?

X: Because he lyrical regardless of his lifestyle and I love lyrics. I met "Prano" through  Frank Dutch, a nice ass producer from Portsmouth, and we made hot music together. 



RTM:      How do you feel about his decision to join the Dirtyworkas or would you consider teaming up with a local label for more exposure?

X: Its expansion! And I don't mind collaborating or doing business with any artists. Its all about expanding and gaining exposure. I'm trying to be known EVERYWHERE. Cash Rules! 



RTM:  Your popularity grew quickly from the battle scene, why did you decide to battle and do see yourself pursing a future in battle rapping?

X: G Lindz bought the idea to me and I saw it as a hip hop challenge. I'm always down for a hip hop challenge. Like I said before, its all about expanding. I'm doing everything I can. If I can sing i would sing too, beat battles n all. 



RTM: One of your biggest battle to date was your battle against Ave, what was that night like? After the fact how do you feel about that battle?

X: I beat him lyrically and lost to crowd participation. I don't take nothing from Ave and I look forward to seeing him battle Squeako on the 15th. 


RTM:    Let’s talk Summer Madness 2, how do you feel about your opponent and how are you prepping for it?

X: He lost and I prepped by smoking kush. He already precooked , TV dinner. lol ARRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!



RTM: Let’s talk music how did you come up with “Section 8 B*tch”  and when can we expect a mixtape?

X:  I came up with Section 8 B*tch because I got a lot of h*es and ain't nothing like a section 8 b*tch. lol Naw, real talk. I do music that other people can't do because they're not there meaning they can't talk what I talk.. The mixtape will be out in the next month. I got a promo CD in circulation now, PLENTY of old albums, and you can get a glimpse from my reverberation page.



RTM:  What can the fans look forward to from you in future?

X: As long as God keep breath in my body, hot sh*t. And I mean that. My album THE REAL entirely produced by Aim High just one of many Cash Rules producers. We coming!


Twitter: @XtheReal


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