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RTM Interview: Stu Money Talks Norfolk City, Old School Vs. New School, Radio & More

Norfolk City Is an interesting city with many landmarks. Some most talked about schools Old Dominion and Norfolk State are located there, some the hugest show come to the Scope located downtown, their Oceanview down the strip of a part shore drive located there and many hoods that shark city residents call "Parks".

Fam Lay had a nice run with The Neptunes, in the streets, Los C had a run with Da Cornerboys, Biggz had a run with Major Movement, Contamination & Miscelaynus with Gman Entertainment  and Flames Bonds with Gun Gang hold their own in any arena. What does the future of Norfolk look Like?

Enter Stu Money, one of the youngest hardest working new comer to strike the music scene and make an  impact. Single handily Norfolk newest Shining star has shut down many open mics, showcases, and touched the radio on a Jack Of Spade record.

On October 1st at the Paradigm Norfolk City will be celebrated through hip hop music at the Jack Of Spade Concert Series Norfolk Edition. RTM caught with Stu Money, who assisted in putting the show together, to talk Videos, Radio, Norfolk City Music,  The New Generation and how he would spend a million dollars on his community.

RTM: What moment of your life did you know you wanted to pursue hip hop as career and what inspired you?

STU:. I was inspired by other independent artists in my area at the age of 16

RTM:How did you get the name stu money and how did Leggo Entertainment come about?

STU:"Stu Money" was my neighborhood nickname since the age of 15

RTM: Norfolk City is not an easy city to grow up in, how do you maintain your sanity, stay out of trouble, and motivate yourself to inspire the up coming generation in your city?

STU:I maintain my sanity by staying in the studio and focusing on my future goals.

RTM:How's the hip hop scene in Norfolk, often people get confused with downtown and uptown Norfolk and Oceanview is every pretty much aware of each other or does a little bit separation exist?

STU:I LOVE the Norfolk music scene. Norfolk is Norfolk, PERIOD! There is NO separation in my eyes.

RTM:You have big show case at the paradigm coming out that going to showcase your city, how do you feel about the current music coming out of Norfolk and what do think could bring the city closer together?

STU:Norfolk has A LOT of talent, but we spend too much time and energy hating on each other.We don't show enough support...Crabs in a bucket.

RTM:You just shot a video, how did that collaboration with ill will come to life and is there a mixtape coming soon or album?

STU: Ill will is my younger brother, also he was the second artist on my label. And yes I'm working on 2 albums. "So Turned Up vol1." And "By Any Means."

RTM: A lot times the older generation of rappers don't feel like the younger generation pay homage or respect the craft of hip hop enough what are you thoughts on that?

STU:Times change, and so does music. Everything in this world is different from how it was 10 years ago. With that being said, let us do what we do!

RTM:What are your thoughts on Va radio and the Va music movement as a whole?

STU:I feel like the radio should play more local artist. The only dj I'm aware of that does play local music is D.J. Jack Of Spade... And it shouldn't be that way.Its alot of stars in v.a. All we need is the opportunity.

RTM:If you had a million dollars tomorrow what would you do for the city of Norfolk and the community that help mold you into the man you are today?

STU:If i had a mill, i would throw monthly cookouts for the hood. I would open up rec centers and studios in every hood to keep kids out the street.

RTM:If you had your choice, would your ultimate goal to sign with a major label or obtain a distribution deal and remain independent?

STU: .Independent is the best way.

Follow Stu on Twitter @lego_stumoney

Add him on Facebook Shawn York

Catch Him Live @ Paradigm @ 9pm Oct 1st DJ Jack of Spade Concert Series Norfolk Edition

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