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RTM Interview: Twice Blessd Talks Major Movement/Fallback, RTM, Blendzville & more


Changing with the times maybe the most difficult task an artists has to face in their career. The whole purpose of doing what you love is being challenged because your success is judged by your financial achievement along with consistent exposure in the public. The music industry or “the game” as many call it plays favoritism to those that are popular, fast growing and represent what the public wants at that moment. Sh*ttalker’s artist of the week, Twice Blessd is currently in this head space. RTM Caught with TB to talk leaving two crews (Major Movement/Fallback), His name origin, and His One Radio Wish.


RTM:    First and foremost, How does it feel to be Sh*ttalker’s artist of the week and what are your feelings on the group that has turned into a movement.


TB: Honestly I was surprised. I felt honored just for the recognition itself. I know the gift that I was blessed with. I know the height of it, I know the level of it but a lot of times I feel like others don't know it, don't wanna know, or just can't see it. My style consists of lyrics, a twisted word play, and concepts, yet it exists in an era where it’s not highly respected like it once was. So when I heard the news I was shocked because I sometimes feel a lot of people don’t rock with my music, because I'm not changing with the times. As far as the group goes, I'll say it’s very interesting, and entertaining. It’s like we're one big dysfunctional family. We fight; we fuss, yet complement each other at times, and can sometimes come together....sometimes. I think some folks just focus on the wrong things in the group, and tend to worry about business that is not of their concern. Some also go too far with the choice of words on their post and try to use the title of the group as a justification, and then tell others to "get out of their emotions", yet they crossing lines and getting personal. Reasons why I indulge at a distance. I know my attitude, but at the same time it brings a lot of us together, especially with the networking. Made some good music with some of my fellow group members.

    RTM:     How did you get the name Twice Blessed and you been around for awhile what motivates you to keep pursuing your career in such a tough market?


TB: I use to call myself The One. I was at a friend's house trying use it as my email address one day, but I guess it was already taken. So in the process of trying to figure out an address, my homie E-N was just like use Twice Blessed, I liked it, so I used it as my stage name. I just dropped the E and spelled it Blessd which a lot of folks keep spelling it wrong. My motivation comes from me, trash artist that get way to much praise for that garbage they putting out. My peers, and my fans, they motivate me. When I almost gave up spitting, they told me I was tripping and needed to stop bugging because I was too nice to just stop, and this was coming from other artists so it meant a lot. My big bro Grinch keeps me motivated more than anybody without sugar coating my gift. If I'm slacking he's quick to let me know.

RTM:    What made you sign to Fallback ENT and what is the status of the crew now?


TB: I didn't sign anything. When I and others left Major Movement, due to disagreements on business, I talked to Philly about getting down with the team and he told me to talk to Erratic. Erratic spoke with the crew and they were cool with it so there I was. I was around them more than everybody else anyway when we all existed with the Movement, so it was only right to link up. I'm not with FallBack anymore so I'm not fully aware of their status. They are still here thou. Our status is good tho, nothing has changed. They my brothers and sister, I still love them, they're still my fam and we still hold each other down.

RTM:    What ever happened to the Fallback mixtape project and what’s the status of Erriatic and Niesh?


TB:  Those are questions that need to be answered by Erratic and Niesh.

RTM:    Fallback Ent was also a part of Major Movement, how did that back up affect you?

 TB: I learned a lot. My bars were already on point which is why Biggz put me with them. I didn't ask to join the Movement. I was Major Movement before I knew I was Major Movement. I was just recording there in the beginning, due to my cousin Push putting me on to Biggz for studio time. The backup I had was crazy, ill. I went from just doing everything solo, to being backed up by like 29 other artist. We were 1 family. We supported each other; we held each other down etc. If you had an issue with one, then you had to deal with the other 29 of the members. I miss them days it was nothing but love and respect, and we got it from others. If they didn't they kept their mouth shut about it. They helped mold me into this lyrical monster that you interviewing right now. If it wasn’t for that back up you probably wouldn't be asking me nothing right now.


RTM:    If radio agreed to do one thing for you for a day, what would you ask for and why?

TB: I'd ask them to play more local music. I hate the radio right now. They repeat the same old garbage. I prefer listening to Va artist then some of these industry kats. If the local radio station won't support us and our music then how do they want us to support them? Yeah we got that one little hr on Sunday nights, but me personally I'm not impressed, and I've been up there. Thank you, but we could have so much more. Don't get me wrong, every little bit counts, but c'mon, even they play a lot of garbage. They could be doing more for us. That's just how I feel.

RTM:    Do you feel like the all the social media available now for any and everybody has helped the game or hurt it and why?


TB:  I’m not gonna go into depth with this one, but it helped me get my name and sound out of Va.

RTM:     If one of two could return would you bring Rock the Mic or Blendzville Hip Hop Award back and why?

TB: Did you really ask this question? It's a hard choice. I respect the Blendzville awards and what it stood for. I've been nominated twice ,and I was grateful for just that. I don't think a lot of artists are mature enough for it thou. Too many oversized egos for no reason at all. Like when they aren't nominated, or don't win then here comes the attitudes, and the down play, the ridicule etc. Personally no event done locally by people who are trying make it like I am can dictate my music or how nice I am. They're still here with me, but artist be getting pissed. I'm like why? I'm still nice after the show, and probably iller then the individuals that be winning. It ain't that serious. I'd like for the Blendzville awards to come back but artist don't appreciate it enough, or they just over appreciate it. So bring RTM back, artist going still complain but they'll be aight.

RTM:    How do you feel about the current state of VA music?

 TB:  Va music needs to tighten up. We're segregated here. We aren't one, and one style won't respect the other style. I'm sick of hearing majority of these artist share the same flow and style as everybody else outside of here. I'm sick of the music being dumb downed here. Va needs to stop following, and lead. A lot of states come here to live, millitary and all that, so we bare a lot of different styles here, but I feel like we need to be putting them on to how we do it here, not take notes on how to do it like them. We have that ability to take over we just need to change our mindset. My state sick with it, we just need to be heard more.

RTM:    Do have a mixtape in the works and what can we expect from you this year?


TB:  Probably not this year but next year. Hopefully in the beginning of the year. Lyrical Spiritual Warfare, is what folks should be anticipating.


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