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RTM Interview: Twiin Talks Friday Night Live Win, VA Music Scene & Dropping a Mixtape Vs. Single!


The state of Virginia is made up of several styles of music and several influences on fashion due to its Military along with College crowd that flock here from out of state. One thing about VA is it maybe one the few places Emcees can get a start and not be criticized for not being born and raised in the state. Enter Twiin, Released from the Navy, came to stay in VA to begin a promising career. RTM caught up with Twiin to discuss his win at Friday Night Live, Transition to VA, his outlook on the music scene and his view on releasing a Mixtape vs. Single!


RTM: What inspired you to start your hip hop career?


TW: My passion for writing which influenced my reason to share with others. One way to share my thoughts and feelings is to rap.



RTM: What brought you from Atlanta to VA, and how do you feel about the hip hop scene?


TW: I served 4 years in the Navy, Once my time was up I chose to move on to other endeavors. Va is rich with talent such as SG and First Lady, even though I'm not a native, surprisingly I feel welcomed. I'm looking to gain as much support from the community.



RTM:  How did the Cipher pt2 come about and would you do a song with any other participants?


TW: I wanted to feature up and coming local artist in Va and being that I'm not a native I also wanted to be a part of it. I look forward to collaborating with R.O(Real Official)



RTM:       How did you get the name twin?


TW: Lyrically there’s the thrilling writer that can paint various pictures and then there’s the more serious side that is inspired by a unique past. That’s what the two i's represent in Twiin.



RTM: How does it feel to win at Friday Night Live?


TW: Motivating seeing as how there are many talented artist performing on a weekly basis, it just lets me know that I'm doing well and to keep pushing forward.



RTM: How do you u feel about the Hip Hop industry in general and what do you feel you bring to the table that’s missing?


TW: I feel the industry will always have room for improvement when it comes to the structure of popular stereotypes. There are many underground artists that may not get their chance of stardom because of what seems to be only accepted in the hip hop community. I feel I bring youth motivation, positive energy, and inspiration to remain abstract, to the table of this industry.



RTM:  Do you think it is easier to catch a buzz with a dope mixtape or dope single and why?


TW: Dropping a mixtape seems to be the thing to do, even for untalented artist. So the average listener might not take a mixtape as serious. A single can be good enough to attract attention and make others want to know more about the artist.



RTM: If you had any rapper and producer to choose from what would your dream track sound like who would produce it and who would feature on it?


TW: My dream track would probably sound like Jayz -Renegade feat. Eminem, my producer of choice would be Ryan Leslie and featured artist would be Kanye West. They are both talented and misunderstood, nut capable of capturing the attention of anyone that analyzes them.



RTM: Do find it harder to get a buzz since you are not from VA or does it allow you stand out more?


TW: No, I seem to gain support from people when they hear my music or watch me perform. The fact that I represent Atlanta is respected by those that witness me bringing quality to Va.



RTM:   What are your goals this year?

TW: Continue to build buzz and fan base in Va, and branch out throughout the east coast. Drop my debut album "Flight Delay" and collaborate with at least 10 or more well known aspiring artist in my area.  Twitter:@IamTwiin

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