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RTM Love & Hip Hop News:K Michelle vs. MiMi What really Happened & Erica Mena talks "Dating" DJ Envy & beef with Angela Ye

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In the foolish news of the day, Erica Mena has revealed that the rumors of her messing around with the very married DJ Envy and she "left him alone" so she could be with Rich Dollaz.  But she also tries to convince folks she did nothing wrong saying that "you can't break up a happy home."


Details inside...

Remember last month when Charlamagne gave his Power 105.1 Breakfast Club co-host the Donkey of the Day for his recent slacker behavior?  And while they didn't go into detail about why Envy was not being his usual on-top-of-things self, Envy went on a loving rant about his marital issues and trying to become a better husband to his wife of 18 years, Gia Casey.

Folks started to speculate that Envy actually had a jumpoff...and that it was none other than "LAHH" star Erica Mena.  And when Erica's on-again off-again boyfriend Rich Dollaz went on the show afterwards, things were slightly awkward.

We speculated all this may be a PR stunt to set up a new reality show story line. 

Now, Erica says in an interview with entertainment site I Am Super Gorge that she will explain more in her upcoming book (sigh), but that you can't break up a happy home.

In regards to the DJ Envy thing, I know that people have been calling me a home wrecker. I'm just going to keep it real simple and say you can’t break a home that’s already broken. At the end of the day, whatever happened with him and his marriage it definitely has nothing to do with me. I believe that in time people will kind of get a better understanding. Because my book will be explaining it all and it drops in April. You guys get to get the full situation about me and DJ Envy. Like I said, you can’t break a home that’s already broken.

Seeing that Envy and Gia--who is pregnant again--are still very much together, we're not sure what "broken" means.  But she goes on to say that she left Envy alone to be with Rich, and now Envy is acting like a "happily married man."  Apparently, not acting happy in a marriage gives everyone permission to cheat.  Erica said:

I left that situation alone because I wanted to be with Rich.  He's been married for 18 years.  He never once acted married until recently until I guess he found out that I was engaged.  He definitely wasn't a proud married man for a very long time.  And I guess after finding out that me and Rich were supposedly engaged he's playing this role that he was a happily married man.  I don't have to pretend, he does.

And about whether she's actually pregnant, Erica says she wants to "leave people in suspense."  Um....

The drama just doesn't stop with these "Love & Hip Hop: ATL" cast members.  Even if their series is not currently on the air, they're currently filming and making news.


Has K. Michelle revealed that she will only be appearing on half a season of "LAHH ATL" next season because she's leaving?  And find out why MiMi Faust's new man Nikko says K. really doesn't like him...


D.C.'s Aladdin "Prince of the Airwayz" spoke with K.Michelle after her performance at the Howard Theater this week. And she revealed a little nugget of info about leaving "LAHH ATL."  She first told the crowd on stage that she would be leaving the show, and she explained further backstage.

She explained, "I'm on this season.  We're on the 6th episode, and after that...from now on it's only music.  because that's all the time I have.  So they're going to just have to catch me."

So it sounds like halfway through filming the season, K. is over it and focusing only on her music.   Check out the interview below:


And that's not all.  This morning on The Breakfast Club, after K.Michelle was in the studio this week for her interview, the co-hosts called up both Mimi and her boyfriend Nikko to explain the beef going down with them and K.  After K. said on the air that Nikko was a down low dude and she believes he's gay, a flower throwing fight went down backstage at K's BB King's show.

This morning, MiMi said K. Michelle has ruined their friendship  And Nikko chimed in saying that K. is only mad because she tried to get with him, and he turned her down and said, "I'm with Mimi."  Nikko insisted that he is not gay and has never been with a man. She maintains she has never met Nikko before they met on camera just recently, so he's 100% lying about her trying to get at him. She said simply, that's MiMi's type....not hers. Womp.

Not only does this not sound believable, but it actually sounds like something a producer would have written out for this dude so that it ends up on the show.  It is odd that he all of a sudden is soaking up all this new found fame after riding MiMi's coattail.

K. Michelle was then called up to respond.  And SHE revealed that not only is Nikko on the down low, but it is supposedly well known in the Atlanta gay community that Nikko has a gay roommate in ATL.  She says she doesn't care who you're poking your "business" into, but lying to women about it is a problem.  Double womp.

You can check out the rest below:

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