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RTM Rap Battle: Serius Jones Clowns Murder Mook For Taking Pic Of Himself Smoking An E-Cigarette From In Between Someone's Toes

During an interview with VladTV a couple of weeks ago, Serius Jones called Murder Mook a "weirdo" for some of the suspect things he does.


"Mook is a weirdo. Most people know that. It's OK... he's still a talented battle rapper," Jones said at the time.


Today a picture surfaced of a shirtless Mook smoking an e-cigarette that was being held between someone's toes. It was sent to Jones on Twitter, who immediately starting having some fun at Mook's expense.



"Soon as they Get Money they Get Funny #ChargeitTotheGame," Jones wrote.



Mook replied that he was just having fun with his wife in the picture.



That didn't stop Jones from clowning on Mook a bit more.



"They Only know what you SHOW," he continued. "Even when I Show em the Ropes.. i give em enough room to Hang theyself With Em, or Climb Up.

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