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RTM's 10 Best VA Moments of 2012 FT Gabby D, Bigg K, Double XL, Pusha T, Z104's Shaggy, Audra The Rapper, Sanura & More!!

This year RTM staff decided to get together and talk about some of the most unforgettable moments of the year. Being that RTM's grass roots are in VA and the DMV area we decided To Countdown the 10 Best and most unforgettable moments in VA History this year according to our news feeds and Hits!!!

#10 The Mike Mo Show

10. The Mike Mo Show

If your not from VA or keeping up with the movement, We can understand why you would stare at this and say Mike Mo Who??? But If you are a true fan of VA Hip Hop and you follow our news feed on a weekly basis This Rapper's name  found its place on several headlines.

Mike Mo is very talented after taking a listen to any his records a hip hop fan would be on the edge of hating if they can't admit that. Mike Mo Makes the list after an incredible year of keeping us entertained.

First, which might have not been the best move was the 4mybros record, which was considered a diss record for fan favorites Grinch and Voe Black(which are both dope)

Then Voe Black Fired Back with "Break Da Chain"

Mike Mo Return Fire With "kill Voe"

Thank God the two came close but never came to blows over the diss records. We also hope the rapper and Grinch have put there Problems to rest as well.

Then Mike MO Signed a deal months later with G-man Entertainment and releases the crowd favorite "The Facebook Song FREE DOWNLOAD LINK: ! So Mike Mo makes number 10 on our list for an entertaining year!!!

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#9 M$ Blendz Cancels Blendzville Hip Hop Award Show

9. M$ Blendz Cancels Blendzville Hip Hop Award Show

If it was not for M$ Blendz their would mostly likely not be a She helped create and mold the VA area into an industry of its own. So anytime M$ Blendz does anything it gets attention. For years she has rewarded unsigned artists at the Blendzville Award show and The Blendzville Hip Hop Award show. This year she announced that she was no longer doing it and that sent shock waves through the streets.

(The Announcement Video)

As tough as it is to earn a deal The Blendzville Award show kept hope alive for struggling artists and gave artists something to work for that they were sure was achievable. RIP To Blendzville Awards it will be greatly missed.

So M$ Blendz makes #9 on our list for shock value and the impact the cancellation will make on VA Hip Hop Future! Time To Step Your Game Up Artists!

(The Problem & Solution Video)

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#8 7 Cities Sharks League Bring URL's John John Da Don To VA

8. 7 Cities Shark League Brings URL's John John Da Don To VA To Battle Norfolk's AVE

106 & Park Champion Shotyme from Norfolk Va had a vision. His Vision was to start a battle league that would build some of the best battlers in the state and than have them go head to head with the best battle rappers in the world.

This past October, his vision came true when John John Da Don Came to VA and Went to war with Norfolk's Ave. Ave was no push over and the event will go down as one the best events to hit the city.

Shout outs to all the league(Bloodsport DVD, Headhunters TV & Blockstars DVD), its not about one particular league, its about unity and what each person brings to the table. Shouts to 7 Cities Sharks for making VA history and bringing more spotlight on The State!

(John John Da Don Vs. Ave Battle)

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#7 Shaggfest 2012 becomes biggest Unsigned Artists Showcase in VA

7. Z104 Sponsors ShaggFest 2012 makes History as The Biggest Unsigned Artists show In VA With Headline Performers Timbaland & Missy!

Year after Year Shaggy of Z104's Morning Zoo is showing how much he cares about VA artists.

After creating local showcase for artists years back he decided to take on the Norva Last year with Great Success.

This year jaws dropped as not only did Shaggy pull Z104 in as a sponsor, but Timbaland headlined the event. Shout Out To shaggy and keep supporting the movement!!!

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#6 Double XL Signs To E1/Koch Records

6.Double XL Signs Single Deal with Koch

Hood Platinum's Own Double XL has had a long journey. He started out battle rapping. Signed to indie Record label Southnboi Entertainment and released debut album "Me vs. Me" through FYE chains worldwide.

After the promotion funds ran low, He gave back to streets introducing the City to best out through Hood Platinum Mixtape series which lead to teaming up with M$ Blendz to open doors for more artists through the showcase Rock The Mic University.

After 5 incredible seasons, he opened up for every artists that came to the city, only to give that same opportunity to other artists to touch the big stage if there grind matched there rhyme.

It was destiny for Koch to come to VA through 103 Jamz and throw a contest to see if any from the area deserved a single deal.

Double XL received a well deserving call that he had Koch's attention with the records submitted. Double XL is currently hosting events, putting the final touches on debut album and pushing his current single "Troy P" to airwaves around the world. The single even caught the attention of a DJ in Paris. After such a long road its only right XL make our list @ #6

(Double XL Talks To 103 Jamz's DJ Jack Of Spade about Deal)

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#5 Bigg K Debuts on Smack/URL

5. Bigg K Debuts on URL/Smack Battle

If you are fan of battle rap and you are from VA you have to Salute Bigg K. He is the first Battle rapper from VA to catch the attention of the number battle league in the country Smack/URL.

He has been the talk of city ever since. After scoring his first proving ground battle this year, he landed on a Smack Card only to destroy his opponent.

Norfolk's Bigg K is on his way to greatness, sought after by battle legend Murda Mook, considered a Vet In VA, named Top Battle rapper by Get Linked Mag, and On his way to another Smack Card Bigg K is making Va proud!!!

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#4 Audra The Rapper Covered Smooth Magazine

4.MMG's Audra The Rapper Covers Smooth Magazine & Essence Magazine Spreads

After signing to Rick Ross's imprint MMG for awhile alot fans were wondering just where the talented Richmond's Audra The Rapper was in the boss's plan.

While we wait for new music, Ms. Audra refuses to be unseen as she blesses us with sexy shots in Smooth Mag and very mature and business like look in Essence Mag. We'll Proud of you Audra!!! Keep putting on for the state your time is coming!!!

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#3 Sanura Rips The Runway on BET

3. Sanura Rips the Runway on BET & Stars in independent Film

We adore Sanura, the talented singer/model/actor blew us away as we tuned into Rip The Runaway 2012 on Bet and seen the beautiful Songstress strut down the stage with Wale.

Not only Did she rip the runway this year but she made her acting debut in the independent Film "Incomplete".

We have been following Sanura's career for a while and her future continues to get brighter with every move she makes!

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#2 Pusha T Releases Exodus 23:1 (Wayne/Drake Diss Record)

2. Pusha T Calls out lil Wayne/Drake on Diss Record Exodus 23:1

Where do we start? Pusha T has been putting on for VA so long is amazing how he continues to grow and become a bigger star year after year. After The Clipse took a break, Pusha T took his talent to GOOD Music, Kanye West Imprint.

After several features on Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted fantasy, Pusha T had had enough about being quiet about his feelings to lil wayne and drake. Well it worked and Exodus 23:1 blazed airwaves so much that Lil Wayne responded with a freestyle to mixed reviews.

Pusha T also brought lyrical heavy punches to the Good Music Complication and worked with just about every artist you can name in game as well dropped the unforgettable classic mixtape Fear Of God.

With 2013 here we are in great anticipation for Pusha T debut solo album. 

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#1 Gabby Douglas Wins Big At Summer Olympics 2012

1. Va's Gabby Douglas wins Big at 2012 Summer Olympics, Rakes in Millions in Deals & Talks to Oprah!

There is no challenging our number Best moment this year in 2012. The Young and extremely Talented Virginia Beach's Gabby Douglas became the first African American to win gold in the individual all-around event. She also won a team gold medal with teammates Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross, McKayla Maroney and Jordyn Wieber.

Douglas also went on to talk to Oprah and rake in millions in endorsement deals! VA is most proud of Gabby Douglas and she well deserving of this #1 Spot!

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