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The G D's Are Number One On The Cops List For Rick Ross Shooting & Pic proofs 50 Cent Theory wrong??

Rick Ross Rumors  

Hip-Hop Rumors: The Gangster Disciples Are Number One On The Cops List!

Rick Ross

Rick Ross! That dude is getting a lot of mainstream attention thanks to the attempt on his life! But the cops are taking it very serious and they don’t think its staged like 50 Cent suggested. The popo are looking directly at the GD’s and they are looking specifically at the GD’s in Chicago! They are basically suggesting that this is coming from the man Larry Hoover! If that should be the case, s**t would be MAJOR THICK suddenly!

See, what happened – supposedly – is Rick Ross used some of the symbols and and logos of the GDs and didn’t pay the required “fees.” When Ross was in Fort Lauderdale, they opened fire with the AK-47!!!!

There’s another theory of a boss out there that wants Rick Ross’ head on a platter but I’m gonna leave that along.

Earlier 50 Cent joked the shooting looked staged.

What’s this? 50 Cent is going there! I guess if you once got shot nine times, this may make you an expert at these types of things. 50 said:

“Hahaha fat boy hit the building?lol it looks staged to me. No hole’s in da car.”

I don’t know what Ross would gain from faking an assignation attempt. Do you?

Sorry, 50…those are real bullet holes!

Rick Ross Gunshots Courtesy of News 10

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