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Trey Songz the actor The Reason Why Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Was #1 At The Box Office This Weekend!


Well, this is a nice little surprise. For all you little Trey-ette fans out there… Chain Saw Massacre 3D is giving huge credit to Trey for the success of the movie. But WHY Trey? Could it be that they want to see those 3D abs? Find out the scoop below..

The reason there are claims that Trey is a huge part of their success was cause ..he was! One in three moviegoers showed up to the movies this weekend, just to see Trey’s acting debut! Wow! Not a surprise, but MORE than half of the people that went to go see the thriller.. were women! The movie ranked in an estimated $23 million – way more than expected. That made it the second biggest opening Texas Chainsaw movie.

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